Water Parks & More!

Disney has great pools on property. You might have a number of pools at your hotel, but their water parks are even greater!

Typhoon Lagoon is my favorite of the two water parks. Here, you can snorkel with sharks and spend the day on a lazy river. The world’s largest wave pool can be found here as well. As you enter the park, look for the lockers area. There, you can rent a locker for your gear all day and get towels as well. I’ve been told – and have not done it myself – that the all-you-can-drink cups from your on-property hotels are valid for use here.

The theme at Typhoon Lagoon is heavy with Disney and lots of ‘stormy’ things. There are a variety of slides – some easy, some not – that keep the crowds happy. There is food to be had as well, and plenty of beach and sun.

Blizzard Beach is themed with the idea that a huge blizzard has happened and the results are the melting mountains of water forming pools, slides, and more. The bigger and more popular slides are found here.

Disney’s Quest can be found at Downtown Disney’s West Side.  It is basically five floors of video games.  Once you pay the admission price, all the games inside the building are free.  There are some things you’ll pay for, like a video of the roller coaster you create yourself, but they are optional.  Many families can spend all day here.  Level 4 contains all the ‘old time’ arcade games.  Very happy to find Qbert and Pacman still up and running!

Downtown Disney and Disney’s West Side are two shopping and dining areas that shouldn’t be missed.  If you arrive later in the day and don’t want to ‘waste’ a day in the park but still want to feel ‘Disney’, then head out to these areas.  It really is one big area but the two are designated as separate because the Downtown Disney area was once known as The Marketplace (and rumors have it being renamed that again) and West Side was the ‘Paradise Island’ – an area themed for adults with nightclubs and comedy clubs.  West Side has a variety of restaurants, a movie theater, and Cirque du Sole – as well as Disney’s Quest.  Downtown Disney has a variety of restaurants and shopping more aimed at the family visitor to Disney.  A huge Rainforest Cafe and T-Rex Cafe can be found here.