Shopping at Disney can be a blast! Many of the rides ‘end’ in a store. This is great for kids who want a dinosaur like they’ve just seen on the ride – but it can get a bit much for the parents who have to hear, ‘oh pleaaasssse’ over and over again. There is a store called ‘World of Disney’ in the shopping district ‘Downtown Disney’ that carries many of the items seen in the actual parks, but not all. So if you want something really bad, I’d say buy it at the park. You can also call Disney and ask them to send you something you’ve seen in one of the parks. The shipping is the only extra you’ll pay and you must have exact information – such as, there is a cart right outside of the Haunted Mansion at the Magic Kingdom that sells a Jack Skellington t-shirt. The customer service people at Disney will call that specific location and try to locate whatever it is you are looking for. This does come in handy.

At Downtown Disney, beyond the typical Disney stores – you’ll find a variety of great shops and restaurants. Everything from handmade soaps to Christmas ornaments are available year round.

HINTS: If you visit during some winter months, you might even be able to snag a deal. A lot of the t-shirts will be marked down at that time. I’ve gotten $25 tees for just $6.99. Also, ask about discounts at the counter when checking out. Various memberships can get you 10% off or more – such as annual passholders, Tables of Wonderland, etc. It never hurts to ask!

During certain times of the months, there are special ‘event’ items that will not be available at other times. Items for Star Wars Weekends and the Flower and Garden Show are two examples of events offering specialty items.