I’m a Disney nut. Plain and simple.  I’m wife to a wonderful man who puts up with all my Disney madness and mom of three of the best kids ever!  I am a Girl Scout troop leader – leading an amazing set of girls – and a full time ‘jack of all trades’ at work.  We have one vivacious dog and four very loud cats.  Disney is about a 13 hour drive from home and we make the journey quite often.

Overall, I would say I’ve had about 70+ separate trips to Disney.  Days at Disney go into the hundreds.  Although I’m quite a Disney person, I have found that Islands of Adventure – in particular the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – is phenomenal.  Find info under the “Around Orlando” tab above.

Watching the Wonderful World of Disney on Sundays nights was a staple growing up.  The title sequence showed clips of Disneyland and Walt Disney World.  It wasn’t until I was 23 that I made my first journey, with my best friend Michele.  It seemed like by then (1988), everyone had gone to “Disney” but me.  Back then, there were two parks – and I wasn’t really sure if the Magic Kingdom meant “the Magic Kingdom” as we know it or if it was Walt Disney World (as one park).  We were there the night before MGM Studios opened and I asked a “kid of the kingdom” (cast members nowadays) – who didn’t know which it was either!  But this I do know, there was a park with Cinderella’s Castle and Epcot.  Epcot was very different back then.  Future World was much more like a ‘Tomorrowland” in that it was kind of cheesy – with Mickey and Minnie sporting astronaut suits and lots of rainbows.  Figment and Dreamcatcher were two icons of the park.  I remember Dreamcatcher with the Figment puppet.  He’d walk around the park carrying Figment…answering questions.  It was wonderful!  And this one early trip started my journeys to what I simply call Disney nowadays.  I don’t worry about which is which … but I know some people still don’t know the difference between all the parks.  If you’ve never gone, you don’t really understand the scope of it.  You can’t compare it to the local amusement park.